Identity Theft Protection Review

Hey, Richard here.

Thanks for checking out my blog, you’ve come to the right place if your looking for a comprehensive review of LegalShield Identity theft program.

First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest review of LegalShield inhanced Identity theft protection . What you are about to read is the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before you purchase a LegalShield identity theft program for yourself and your family.

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The first thing you need to know is that I have owned a LegalShield plan for over 15 years.  I originally purchased the plan because I am a magnet for traffic tickets.  I have used their service several times over the years, ike I said to representing me in court for a ticket to asking for advice on personally matters.

When LegalShield offered their enhanced Identity theft protection I didn’t think I would ever have a problem.  Let me tell you  my identity theft story.


It started when I lost my wallet in a restaurant.  I did all the stuff cancelled credit cards, got a new drivers license and a new social security card etc.  About two years when by and I forgot all about it.

Then I received a letter in the mail from a collections company out of Californiastating if I didn’t pay my bill they were going to sue me.  I call them, emailed them with no responses.  Finely they called and said that I purchased a set of furniture, stove and a TV.  I tried to reason with them and said that they had it all wrong.  They insisted they were right and were going to sue.  They had my name, drivers license, address and social security number.

The light went on.  I realized my identity had been stolen.  My wife, leave it to her – said why don’t you call LegalShield.

They gave me some advice on something’s I should do as well as told me to contact Kroll.  Which I did!  They told me that not only did this person open credit lines in my name, but that they had committed a crime and a warrant had been issued to arrested me.  If I have been stopped for a ticket, that I would end up in jail.  They told me what I needed to do.

Kroll faxed over a one page power of attorney which I completed and faxed back.  I then contacted LegalShield about the arrest warrant.  Received advice on what to do there.  The Investigator at Kroll spent weeks putting back my identity and thank God I was not arrested.

So to say the least I am very happy with LegalShield and their Identity Theft Shield.

Click here to learn more about LegalShield’s Identity Theft Shield

Here’s what you get:

Identity Theft Shield (Member & Spouse)

Credit Report: Evaluate your current credit standing with:

  • An up-to-date credit report  through Experian at no added cost
  • A personal credit score and  detailed analysis of your personal credit score
  • Experts recommend that you review your credit report regularly. The Identity Theft service from LegalShield makes it easy.

Continuous Credit Monitoring:

Suspicious activity will be brought to your attention, providing you with early detection. You’ll receive prompt notice if the credit repository (Experian) is notified that:

  • New accounts have been opened in your name
  • Derogatory notations have been added to your credit report
  • Public records have been added to your report
  • Inquiries have been made against your report
  • A change of address has been requested

Identity Restoration: Coverage

Begins as of your membership effective date. Identity theft can be devastating, and the process of restoring your name can be overwhelming and costly. You need more than “do it yourself” information if it happens to you. With the Identity Theft LegalShield a trained expert will take the steps to restore your name and credit for you!

A Licensed Investigator will work on your behalf to help correct identity theft issues you have with affected agencies and institutions, including: Credit card companies, Financial Institutions, All three credit repositories, Federal Trade Commission, Social Security administration, Department of Motor Vehicles, U.S. Postal Service, Law enforcement personnel… and other organizations that may be affected.

Fraud alert notifications will be sent on your behalf to all three credit repositories, Social Security administration, Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Postal Service and affected credit card companies and financial institutions.

Proactive searches of applicable local and national databases will be made on your behalf to look for information you may not be aware, including: criminal activity in your name in your county’s records and certain federal watch lists, Department of Motor Vehicle records in your state, unknown addresses affiliated with your name, and banking activity in your name reported as fraudulent

Safeguard for MinorsSM
(Under 18)

Safeguard Material

  • Valuable information on credit education for minors, advice on the best practices for the use of a child’s Social Security Number and personal identifying information, and more.

Monitoring and Alerts

  • Monitor for the existence of a credit file in your child’s name.
  • Receive alerts if any credit files are found.


Consult the experts on any identity theft questions or concerns regarding child identity theft.

Identity Restoration Services

The experts will take immediate action to correct any damages caused by identity theft. This includes but is not limited to: placing alerts, disputing fraudulent accounts, providing available credit reports, and assisting with obtaining a police report

Click here to learn more about LegalShield’s Identity Theft Shield


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